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For Sale: Sophisticated Mountain Cabin in World Famous Sun Valley, Idaho

Welcome To Wonderful Sun Valley, Idaho

A FULLY furnished vacation or weekend getaway house is ready to move in.  Just bring food and your toothbrush.  Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2160 living sq feet and 4051 parcel sq feet.

Everything pictured in the house is included at the asking price of $695,000.

This unique house is located in the close-in Sagehill area of Elkhorn in the City of Sun Valley, only a short drive to the historic Sun Valley Lodge.

The house is located at 114 West Dandelion.  It is being sold by a broadcasting executive who purchased the house from a California attorney and his wife who was a professional interior decorator.

This house is being offered FULLY furnished at the asking price.  Normally "fully furnished" means the appliances and beds and sofas are included. By "Fully Furnished" we mean turn-key ready, just bring your toothbrush!

Included is bedding, kitchen appliances, silverware, tools, office desks and chairs, dishes, high end televisions and audio systems, two bicycles, which were purchased new in Sun Valley, along with a treadmill and exercise stationary bike.  All and more included at the asking price.

The outside of the house was recently completely painted.  The original color of the house was preserved and a high end paint was used.  The owners visited others homes on which the painting contractor used the identical high end paint and they looked new but were actually painted ten years ago.  Notice the privacy with no close houses on either side.


The house is not a condo, it is a stand alone single family house with attached garage such that one can drive into the garage and go directly into the house and not get wet should there be spring showers or winter snow.

The garage has storage cabinets that were built for tools, supplies, and special lockers for ski equipment.

The door is open for us, let's go in.

When you enter the front door there is a large coat and storage closet on the left.  Note the inside doors, a "cold entrance", which helps keep the house warm in the winter.  Your guests are warmly greeted by the friendly log bears, a tradition in Sun Valley.

We should mention that all of the beautiful white log furniture was custom made and designed by the attorney's wife, who was a professional interior decorator in Long Beach, California.

 Many special wall decorations in the entrance make the house very warm and inviting to enter.

You are looking at the living room.  Note the sofas, tables, and stools are all in the matching and custom light wood.  The door at the far end leads out to the deck.  Note the fireplace and to the right a floor lamp in matching wood.  The door to the master bedroom is on the left side of the picture but the door is not shown in this picture.

This photo shows the custom glass dining table and looks into the kitchen.  The entrance door is to the right.  A bar counter with custom white log stools is on the left.  Above the kitchen you can see the upstairs office, fully furnished with desks, chairs, TV, and even a fax/copy machine and wifi unit for the house.

Behind this bar counter is a built in sink and small refrigerator.  Notice how bright and cheerful the house is with wonderful views from the windows. 

Complete, modern kitchen with disposal, new dual toaster, blender, dishes, place mats, silverware, cooking utensils, mixer, microwave, all included at the asking price.

The door to the right of the refrigerator leads into the laundry room and a door directly into the garage.  To the right of the door is the carpeted stairway leading to the second floor office, bedroom, and bath.  A new Keurig coffee maker is on the counter to the right of the picture.

This is the breakfast nook leading to the TV Room.  On the way is this delightful glass table and chairs perfect for morning coffee.

TV Family Room.  Door at left leading in from hallway pictured above.  Large Sony flat screen TV included at asking price.  Two leather chairs which tilt back for comfort and a leather sofa which makes into a bed.  At the opposite end of the room there are two closets for clothes and supplies.  Inside the shelved closets are games.

High End Sony Flat Screen TV in the corner of the TV Room 

TV Room sofa that pulls out and makes into a bed.  Very comfortable for TV viewing or visiting with guests.

Before we go upstairs, as you come in from the garage, there is a complete laundry room equipped with the latest washer and dryer, sink, and cupboards.

This is an evening view of the Master Bedroom on the lower floor off the living room.  Note all of the custom and matching furniture. 

Daylight picture of the Master Bedroom. 

This is the Master Bedroom 3/4 bath with shower.

OK, now let's go upstairs.  This is a completely furnished office or of course it could be used as the third bedroom.  There are two glass top desks, the second of which is located in the lower right hand corner of the picture and looks out a large window into the living room below.

Note the TV set, fan, a treadmill to the upper right hand corner of the picture and the exercise bike in from of the window.  The office is complete with a wifi unit and an HP fax/copy machine.

This is the upstairs bedroom with TV and matching custom white log furniture.  Note the large window with great views of the living room and out toward the deck.

Close up evening picture of the custom furniture. Closet space to the left with full length mirrors.  TV set mounted on a shelf above a chair to the left of the sliding closet doors.  Nice view from a window of the hills from the front of the house.

This is the upstairs bathroom for both the office and the bedroom.

Double doors lead out to this picturesque deck both from the living room and the Master Bedroom with spa.

Spectacular Views From The Deck, Master Suite, and Living Room Door.  The area pictured here is just off the edge of the deck.  This is property of the community and will never be blocked by other buildings.

Deck and living room door View

Deck furniture and outdoor grill is included at offered price.

To make an appointment to see this exceptional, turn key furnished house, contact:

Tom Read

509 443 1000

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Chances are you will see celebrities in Sun Valley Also

Former Speaker of the US House, John Boehner, chats with celebs in Sun Valley regarding recent legislation.  Left, Frankie Randall, Melinda Read, Former Speaker Boehner and Allen Pennay. July 2009.

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